Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt April 24th

Following a Powerful Easter Service and wonderful Drama, the kids at Freedom Fellowship got to enjoy a traditional Egg Hunt. Unfortunatly due to the weather, they did not get to do this outside, but had a great time anyway. Thank you everyone for your help and all the eggs and candy for the kids!

Welcoming and Infant Dedication Service for Lena Grace

Congratulations Jeff and Christy on the Birth and Dedication of Lena Grace. We are committed to providing the support you need to help Lena Grace become a successful Christian when she reaches the age of understanding. God bless you and Thank you for being a part of the Family at Freedom Fellowship.

Combined Fellowship Service

On April 10, 2011, Freedom Fellowship and Church of the Living God, led by Elder James Travis and wife Lynette Travis, shared in a great time of Fellowship for the first time. It was great being in service with other fellow members of God's Family.

Chanelle Marie's Infant Dedication Service

Infant Dedication is something we do at Freedom Fellowship to commit the parents and church to providing the teaching and encouragment a child needs as he/she grows into adulthood in order to have an indepth knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Welcome Chanelle Marie Cole

Our Beautiful Baby Girl Chanelle Marie makes first visit to Freedom Fellowship. God bless you Heidi and Joel. We love you all.

Darci's 40th Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Darci! Freedom Fellowship Loves its Pastors wife! Glad we have a good handicap ramp for your walker! Lol!