Thursday, August 02, 2007

Youth Vacation in Cancun 2007 Part 1

These were pics of the end of the summer mission/exploration trip to Central America and Mexico. The trip was a 21 day trip and ended with 3 days of relaxation in Cancun before flying back to the USA. Hope you enjoy all the pics and consider participating in a future trip. Blessings to you all for your help and support.

Youth Vacation in Cancun 2007 Part 2

Flamingo Resort Hotel Cancun

Geographical Exploration Part 1

These pics were taken in the Maya Mountains of Belize an amazing place to visit. This section is in 3 parts. Scroll down the page to enjoy the journey into the jungle.

Geographical Exploration Part 2

These pics were taken in Belize. There are two crater photos with lakes inside. These craters are part of the asteroid impact associated with the Chicxulub Crater located on the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico. The main crater is 112 miles wide. These two smaller craters are believed to have been smaller particles trailing along with the main asteroid. These are the asteroids believed to have been responsible for the disruption in earths climate leading to the death/extinction of dinosaurs. The other photos are in the Maya Mountains and of the Caracol Maya Temple near Guatumala.

Geographical Exploration Part 3

Summer 2008Geographical Exploration