Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break Road Trip

Some of the youth got to attend a trip to Metropolis, IL on Sunday March 22. We visited the birthplace of Superman, a trip to Dippin Dots Icecream shop and attend a concert with Disciple. Everyone had a great time. Thanks Jammie Page for getting everything set up for us.

Pastor David's Birthday

Pastor David enjoyed a birthday celebration given by members and friends at Freedom Fellowship. I had a great time...it was an awesome birthday. Thank you to everyone who brought food, gifts and cards and most of all for your kindness. God bless you. By the way, I will be 36 on March 26th.

A look at Tough Teen Issues

Penny Snow, local counselor speaks to the youth at Freedom Fellowship about tough teen issues, including drugs, alcohol, sex, divorce, cutting, suicide, abuse as well as other things kids often deal with. Great job Penny.

Kids hanging out before youth group

Kids having a great time before youth service. It has been great being in town and in a convenient location to reach out to the community near the courtsquare in Paris. Kids are able to walk, ride bikes, skateboard to church.

A huge gift to Freedom Fellowship

A huge thank you to the Pastor and congregation at Friendship Baptish Church in Radford, Virginia for their awesome donation of church benches. On March 6-7, Gerald and Faye Lowery and David French went to pick up this special gift of love. Pastor Jon Thomas and I communicated by email before meeting on March 7th. Christian love is something wonderful. Thanks again to our friends at Friendship Baptist Church.