Sunday, April 12, 2009

The band really enjoyed the new stage

After a great was time to go home...The band members really enjoyed the new stage and the room for their equipment. Keep up the good work men!

Easter Celebration at Freedom Fellowship

Our Holy Week Celebration ended with an egg hunt for the kids. It was a very exciting day at Freedom Fellowship. All the hard work paid off and we enjoyed a wonderful celebration dedicated to the our Lord and Savior. We hope to see you all again next week for another celebration. Youth group Wednesday night at 6:00 PM. God bless you all.

Kids enjoy an egg hunt following the Easter Celebration II

Kids and parents enjoyed an egg hunt following the Easter worship celebration.

An Egg Hunt Followed The Easter Celebration

The Children Participate in Easter Worship

The Children at Freedom Fellowship did an outstanding job with Children's Worship Easter Sunday. The group is growing and expanding each week under the direction of Carol McSwain and Patti Petersen. Keep growing in all are awesome!

Building Progress at Freedom Fellowship

Several people have been working hard to get the work finished at Freedom Fellowship. Our open house is coming up on May 17th. Barry Tipton and his friend Brian worked hard yesterday to get the stage built for Easter Sunday. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

Preparation for Easter 2009

The Youth at Freedom Fellowship celebrate Easter at youth service Wednesday night. The children were preparing for their worship program for Easter Sunday. Good job guys!